Raise Awareness of Diabetes this November

It's November, and while many people are loading up the grocery carts for the biggest meal of the year, others are trying to raise awareness about diabetes. Knowledge is power!

Increase in Diabetes

In the past few decades, diabetes has reached epidemic proportions. As our weight goes up and our activity levels go down, cases of diabetes keep rising across all age groups. Some 30 million people have diabetes.

Look On the Bright Side

Yes, having diabetes can suck. But every cloud has a silver lining. With the rise in diabetes, the disease is getting more attention than ever before! This means more and more research, support and medical breakthroughs for those living with diabetes.

Ways you Can Raise Diabetes Awareness!

Use social media-- make a Facebook page, a blog or a Pinterest page on diabetes linking people to informative websites.

Join a walk-a-thon. This will not only help you get some great exercise, but can also raise money for diabetes research.

Invite your friends to a delicious, diabetes-friendly dinner. Show people that a diabetic can eat well, and healthfully. Some of your friends who are at risk might find this comforting and inspiring.

Wear blue, or a blue circle. The blue circle was chosen in 2006 as the international symbol for diabetes.

Photo: ACE Diets