Living with Diabetes: Tips to Help You Remember to Take Your Medication

Taking your meds on schedule is very important for diabetics. Missing a dose can result in the kind of blood sugar fluctuations you're trying to avoid. Here are some ways to ensure you stay on schedule.

Set the Alarm Clock

While it might be tempting to sleep in on your day off, it's better to stick to your morning schedule. Set your alarm for the same time every day. You can always take a mid-morning nap later.

Set alerts to remind you to take your meds for the rest of the day as well, and program alerts for few days before you run out of meds to remind you to get prescriptions refilled. Technology makes it easier to keep yourself on track.

Organize them Well

Keep your meds all in one place. Ideally, keep them someplace visible. Out of sight, out of mind. A pill organizer can be a great tool to help you keep all your meds easily accessible, and only takes a few minutes every week or two to fill and organize. Another great benefit is that you can take your pill box on the go.

Have Meals Ready

Often diabetes meds are taken immediately before or after meals. Keep some items in the fridge so you can throw together a quick meal, such as a sandwich, soup or salad. That way, if you forgot to start dinner, you don't have to ruin your whole medication schedule. Likewise, if you are worried about working late or traffic jams, make sure to pack something to go.

Photo: GSR2R