Scientists Confirm High-Protein Diets Aid Weight Loss

Want the best way to lose weight? According to scientists, that would be drinking water and eating a high-protein meal. Studies reported by New Zealand's Diabetes and Obesity Research Review found this is the key.

The Studies

Birmingham University conducted a 12-week trial and found that loading up on two glasses of water 30 minutes before eating helped people lose more on average than those just imagining their stomachs were full before dining.

Meanwhile, over in the states, Missouri University researchers found a high-protein breakfast resulted in more weight loss for teens than skipping breakfast or eating carbs in the morning.

Put it to the Test

Seeing is believing, so why not see for yourself? For the next 12 weeks, get in your water and your lean protein and keep a check on your blood sugar. Don't forget to start your day with that hearty breakfast.

What have you got to lose?

Photo: Fitday