Myths About The Diabetic Diet

You might have heard what diabetics are supposed to eat or not supposed to eat. The fact is, there are a lot of myths prevalent about what makes up a healthy diabetic diet. Here are some facts.

Myth: You Have to Go Low Carb

While diabetics do benefit from controlling their carbs, they don't have to practically cut them out altogether. Just keep count of your carb intake, perhaps opt for complex carbs over simple carbs. You will find the perfect healthy balance for yourself.

Myth: You Can't Eat Sweets

Diabetics can enjoy a treat once in a while. One piece of candy or birthday cake isn't a problem if overall diabetes management is consistent and keeps blood sugar levels relatively stable.

Myth: Diabetics Can't Be Vegetarian

While protein is a healthy part of a diabetic's diet, they don't need to eat more protein than the average person should. There are plenty of non-animal based sources of protein, such as certain vegetables, legumes and dairy products. The only thing that is important is that you're getting the nutrition you need-- you can certainly get it from plant-based sources if that's what you prefer.

Myth: Diabetics Have to Avoid Salt

While it will benefit anyone (diabetic or not) to limit salt intake, it's unnecessary to go overboard and eliminate it unless you are having problems, such as high blood pressure. Talk to your doctor about a health daily recommended intake.

Photo: SLT2008