If Type 2 Diabetes Runs in Your Family, Exercise is Vital

When you have Type 2 diabetes, or when you are at risk for it, exercise is crucial to help keep you healthy. It's not enough to just get to the gym when you have a chance, though. According to a new study, if Type 2 diabetes runs in your family, you will have to exercise harder to achieve the same results as someone without a genetic risk.

The Data

Lund University in Sweden compared slightly overweight but healthy, middle-aged men with a genetic predisposition to Type 2 diabetes to healthy, middle-aged men who had no diabetes in the family. The men were given a choice of exercise programs. Over the next few weeks, all of the men lost weight and improved their health. There were, however, some differences.

"The difference was that participants from the risk group had to exercise more to achieve the same results as the participants from the control group," said Ola Hansson, leader of the study.

What It Means

While more research needs to be done on the metabolism of those with diabetes in the family. One thought can be taken away from these initial results: if an immediate family member has diabetes, you should take it as a warning sign to act now.

Even if you are healthy and don’t show any signs of diabetes, it could pay off to take your exercise routine seriously as a preventative measure.

Photo: Trust Worthy Fitness